Interesting Facts About India: Part 1

1. Instead of nodding their heads back and forth to gesture “yes”, Indians shake their heads from side to side.

2. Indians like to drink their tea and coffee by boiling their coffee/tea leaves with milk first.  Then, they add their (hefty mounds of) sugar.  Result?  Extremely light and sweet.  They do this with their oatmeal also.

3. India is very UK-influenced, which makes sense if you look into the time in history when Britain owned India .  Hence, they say things like “the loo/toilet”, “take-away”, and other silly things that throws an American, like me, off.


2 Comments on “Interesting Facts About India: Part 1”

  1. Iris says:

    #2 sounds delicious!

  2. […] Interesting Facts About India: Part 1 ( […]

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